Lease Renewals

Moving your office is never fun and nobody looks forward to it.  Unfortunately, landlords know this and will negotiate renewals with their tenants accordingly.

These are concerns that tenants have when approaching a lease renewal:

Are you concerned about how your relationship with the property manager and/or leasing agent could be negatively affected by your lease renewal negotiations?

Are you getting heat from your superiors because they keep hearing that other tenants in the building are getting a ‘better’ deal than you?

Is the prospect of moving your office so overwhelming that it makes you want to sign whatever your current landlord puts in front of you?

Do you have that nagging feeling that you left money on the table and hurt your bottom line in your last negotiation?

Do you want to remain in your current location but need stronger negotiating leverage over your landlord to lower your costs and get important concessions?

During a lease renewal, have you ever had that uncomfortable feeling of being painted into a corner and not having a reasonable alternative?

Are you frustrated because of the lack of options available to you because of the landlord’s lack of responsiveness?


If you answered “Yes” to any of these issues, you are not alone.   We help tenant’s solve these issues every day and we’d enjoy hearing from you.   Let’s see if it makes sense to address these issues together.