Leasing Space

When tenants deal with a landlord it puts them on an uneven playing field.   Having a professional represent your interests is critical to completing the most successful transaction possible.    Having an exclusive Tenant Representative is the gold standard.  

These are some of the issues that negatively affect tenants looking for space:

Are you concerned about unexpected or excessive lease costs that could negatively affect your company’s earnings?

Are you fearful that your company’s growth could be hampered because your landlord won’t have an acceptable way to accommodate that growth?  

Are you stymied by restrictive lease terms that prohibit you from moving your company to another location to accommodate that growth?

Are you frustrated because you feel like the broker is “guiding” you to particular building that doesn’t fit your needs as well as others do?

Are risks from past transactions that didn’t rear their ugly head until years later giving you headaches?

Are you concerned that brokers don’t point out all of the risks or costs in a transaction for fear that they’ll slow down or delay it permanently?

Are you worried about the damage to your business that could be caused by the wrong decisions concerning your specific needs (price, value, location, access, image, etc.)?

Are you concerned that you’ll pay too much for office space?


If you answered “Yes” to any of these issues, you are not alone.   We help tenant’s solve these issues every day and we’d enjoy hearing from you.   Let’s see if it makes sense to address these issues together.